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The New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
The Wolf of Wall Street - New York
Wall Street
Back of Federal Hall
Everett Jewish Life Center
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Wall Street
April 24-26 The Penn Relays
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George Washington Statue at Federal Hall, Wall Street
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About 10005 Zip Code

10005 a.k.a Lower Manhattan a.k.a Financial District a.k.a FiDi – That’s a lot of names for just one region; but that’s the way the ball rolls for 10005. This southernmost section of the Manhattan borough is home to a number of important and highly lucrative offices, as well as the headquarters of a number of major financial institutions. This entourage also includes the prestigious New York Stock Exchange. Another high security building in the area is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

It is here that the tragic 9/11 incident took place, razing the World Trade Center to the ground. It was a one-time neighbor to the Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank. The good news, however, is that the WTC is currently being rebuilt. While the actual population of the region is said to rest at about 56,000; these numbers are said to inflate to about 300,000 during the daytime (when the offices are working).

The numbers provided for, however, are true to the whole of FiDi put together. Zip 10005, however, has a population of about 884.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Zipping Alongside: 10270, 10045, 10271, 10041, 10006 & 10038.

Breaking it Down: To the North of Zip 10005 is Liberty Street; and to the East is East River Drive. On the west is the famous Broadway lane and to its’ South is Exchange Plaza.

About Zip 10005:
Within the purviews of 10005 lies the highly talked about, and the highly valued (in terms of financial value) – Wall Street. In most cases, the only people you would expect to find here would have been the daytime traders and office workers, swathed in their suits and ties. Times, however, seem to have changed now. There are chances of seeing full time residents in this aggressive land of finance.

Must See-s:
NYCPM – The NYCPM or the New York City Police Museum is symbolic of the New York City Police Department, and it has been so ever since its inception in the year 1845. The location of the Museum is another plus point; with it being in the vicinity of the much-talked-about Wall Street. One of the primary focuses of the Museum is a memorial to the brutally tragic 9/11. Other than that, the museum houses a wide range of information that throws light on the glorious history of the NYPD.

The one interesting experience is the simulated police firefights that allow civilians to better understand the parameters within which the police officers live each day. In most cases, the moral conflicts of a police officer are omitted by the media; and these simulations allow for the public to understand the mental and emotional positioning of these officers.

Museum of American Finance – The museum was originally known as the Museum of American Financial History. This Museum is the only independent public museum, in the whole of United States of America, to celebrate the spirit of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. It focuses on the democratic free market tradition i.e. the tradition that has been responsible for New York turning into the current day financial capital of the world. Although the Museum had initially been chartered as an educational institution, it now focuses on financial education. It continues to be an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.

Federal Hall – This is one building that reeks of history. Not only will the Federal Hall always be known as the First Capitol Building of the country; it is also the historical site where George Washington was inaugurated President (in 1789). This is also the very hall, within whose walls the United States Congress met for the first time. The Federal Hall has its name etched in the National Register of Historic Places, and further gets designated as a landmark by the Preservation Commission. The very first postal stamp in the United States has a representation of the Federal Hall, which is a depiction of the inauguration of President Washington and the birth anniversary of Alexander Hamilton.

Zipping Fast Food:
Let’s face it. This Zip is closely associated with the Financial Centre; and hence, everyone here is in a hurry. There are meetings to attend and files to send out. Hence, the best dining options are the ones who can whip up a quick and tasty meal.

Of Reservations and More:
If you happen to be on a Business trip in this Zip, and need a place to stay; get your reservations at any of the Motels/Hotels listed below:

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